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University Scholarship

I. Eligibility

1. Applicants must be Non-Chinese citizens in good health.

2. Educational background and age limits :

(1) Bachelor’s programs: be under the age of 30;

(2) Master’s programs: hold a bachelor’s degree or above and be under the age of 35;

(3) Doctoral programs: hold a master’s degree or above and be under the age of 40.

3. If applicants are immigrants from China, he or she should hold foreign passport for no less than 4 years, and have 2 year’s record of living abroad.

4.Chinese medium program applicants need to have a Chinese proficiency certificate of HSK band 4 with a score of 180 or above. Professional medical master applicants need to hold a MBBS or BDS degree except HSK4.

5.English medium program applicants need to have an English proficiency, can provide proof of studying at a previous institution where the teaching language is English, and additional oral or written English test organized by University will be required to participate in.

6.Native English-speaking applicants could be exempted from providing the above English proficiency.

7.Applicants who do not obtain other scholarship for new students.

II. Duration of Scholarships


(1) Scholarship recipients shall participate in the annual review in accordance with the relevant management regulations of the scholarships. Those who pass the review can continue to apply for or enjoy the scholarships in the next academic year. Those who fail the review will be suspended or disqualified from the scholarships. The specific regulations and methods of the annual review shall be subject to the latest notice issued in the current year.

(2) The scholarship covers both major study and language course.

(3) Scholarship students should complete their study within the set length of schooling; duration for scholarship specified in the Admission Notice cannot be extended in principle.

(4) Students are not permitted, in general, to apply to change their specialties, host universities or the duration of study as specified in the Admission Letter once they agree to accept the scholarship.

III. Scholarships Quota: Varies as per China’s Ministry of Education.

IV. Scholarships Coverage

1. Tuition fee;

2. On-campus accommodation fee or off-campus accommodation monetary subsidy (RMB 700/month for master’s programs; RMB 1,000/month for doctoral programs);

3. Living allowance (RMB 3,000/month for master’s programs; RMB 3,500/month for doctoral programs);

4. Comprehensive medical insurance.


(1)Other expenses for study in China, such as international travel expenses, cost of physical examination, visa extension and utility costs for on-campus accommodation, and cost of course materials, should be borne by the scholarship recipients themselves.

(2)Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from their host university each month. Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend of that month. Graduating students will receive stipend until half month after the graduation date. If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), the stipend will be stopped during his/her leaving.

V. Application Period: Dec 1,2022 applications open

VI. Application Procedure

1.Applicants shall self check eligibility and if eligible complete online admission processing fee payment of 502RMB before admission letter. Then our staff shall contact you to continue application through email and provide the Application Form for Scholarship. The Scholarships Application Form should be completed in Chinese or English and signed by the applicant. After above payment and process begun you can expect to pay 1,741RMB after admission letter and scholarship notice for visa processing and departure process and the application fee payment of 850RMB.

2. Applicants shall upload the required documents to dropbox,google drive, or any other cloud file sharing service and share url.There is no need to mail paper application materials.


(1)Applicants are expected to submit a complete set of application materials and will be held responsible for the authenticity of their documents. Incomplete or forged application materials will be rejected.

(2)Applicants do not need to send us hard copies of application documents. Some of the applicants will receive the interview notice informed by our schools in April. Only those applicants who have passed the preliminary evaluation of the university and are informed by our email notice around May 10th should submit us all application documents in two sets of hard copies by DHL or EMS. As for the highest diploma (degree certificate) and transcript, the original document is not required, but one set of the original notarized highest diploma (degree certificate) and transcript should be submitted. Whether accepted or not, the document will not be returned.

(3)Applicants are expected to keep their phones on, check their email regularly as Admissions International Office will contact them when necessary.

VII. Selection and Notification

A comprehensive review will be conducted on applicant’s academic record, language proficiency, overall merits, research achievements and their prospective supervisor’s comments. The shortlisted candidates will be submitted to China MOE for final approval.

Scholarships awardees will be notified via email. Admission Notices and Visa Application Forms for Study (JW201) will be sent out afterwards.

If applicants fail to register before the deadline for registration, their scholarship will not be reserved.

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