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What Are Options After MBBS? Are You A Medicine Graduate?

What Are Options After MBBS? Are You A Medicine Graduate?

Last updated: 28/07/2022

Realizing Your Dream To Begin Journey To Western Countries!

Are you a fresh MBBS Graduate?

    If you answered yes then just like most of the other fresh MBBS Graduates you would be thinking how to begin your journey to western countries.

One of the most common ways through which students achieve this with us is by applying to study a Msc program which is usually 1year or 2years long.

Depending on how you want to progress your medical career there are myriad of options such as doing;

 MSc Psychology

MSc Public Health – Health Promotion

MSc Nutrition in Practice

MSc Health and Safety

MSc Health and Community Care

MSc Clinical Leadership

MSc Cancer Biology (with professional placement)

MSc Healthcare Practice

MSc Investigative Forensic Psychology

MSc Cellular Pathology

MSc Childhood Development and Wellbeing in Practice

MSc Occupational Safety, Health and Environment

MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine

MSc Global Public Health and Policy

MSc Gastroenterology

MSc Cancer and Clinical Oncology

MSc Clinical Endocrinology

MSc Critical Care

MSc Laparoscopic Surgery and Surgical Skills

MSc Regenerative Medicine

MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery

MPhil Health Services Management


MDSc Prosthodontics

MSc Advanced Clinical Practice

Msc Public Health and so many more

You may think why go to study Msc to achieve your goals?


1. Easiest method to upskill yourself to gain an edge when applying for places at hospitals.

2. You usually have a lot of time when doing Msc to explore career prospects or even work part time while you are in the western country by engaging employers directly.

3. You get 2-3 years post study work permit after graduating to work in your selected western country

4. Usually after 4-5 years most students who in a profession that are of Importance to that western countries work force will be able to apply for PR.

Currently the most preferred choice of students who have applied with us is for Australia & USA. While we also have other Western or European countries as well.



Duration= 1 or 2 years

Teaching medium= English

Usual budget required=25,700 USD per year for tuition fees only on average


Please contact our admissions WhatsApp number +94770565616 with the following details of yours when sending Initial message;


Bsc Done & GPA

Msc Subject Needed?

The max budget parents/you are able to manage for degree tuition fees only In USD per year. Eg:-28,000USD per year etc(According to budget your options will be mentioned)

Please remember to include each and every detail mentioned above when sending 1st message to receive faster response as the admission team gets so many applications per day.



If you are prospecting International applicant then you need to apply directly through the application processing WhatsApp Admission Line here.

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