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Undergraduate Degrees

To all applicants who meet the minimum entry requirements for the MBBS programme, a tuition fee waiver of RM25,000 will be applied. The students need only meet the minimum entry, thus reducing the amount of the tuition fee to RM275,000.

The waiver of RM25,000 will be spread throughout the student’s 5-year programme, with RM5,000 waived each year.
With the pandemic still affecting the world’s economy, we hope this will help ease some families’ burden in financing their child’s medical studies.

We welcome you to be part of QIU family 👍

Postgraduate Degrees

Course Name

Starting Date

Application Deadline

Tuition Fee

Teaching Language

Msc Science-2Yrs

May 31st

June 14th

15,000 MYR/Yr

Msc Science
(Medical Microbiology)

May 31st

June 14th



May 31st

June 14th

18,000MYR 1st year & 6,000MYR 2nd year

Msc Education-1Yr 

May 19th

June 2nd


Msc Arts TESL(English)-

May 19th

June 2nd


Phd Science-3Yrs 

Jan, Apr, Jul,Oct 15th

Jan, Apr, Jul,Oct 29th

14,000MYR 1st year & 13,000MYR 2nd year onwards

Phd Business-3Yrs 

Jan, Apr, Jul,Oct 15th

Jan, Apr, Jul,Oct 29th


Doctor Of Business Administration-3Yrs 

Same as above

Same as above


Intakes For Applications


Majors in English Medium:

a. International citizens.

b. No criminal record.

c. Be in good health.

d. High school graduate or above.

e. Have 2C’s for A Levels & have done 3 subject’s for A Levels in Bio stream for MBBS. Priority given to MBBS applicants who have 3B’s & above at GCE AL as they meet University recommended entry requirement for other degrees passes in AL’s required.

f.  As a mandatory condition, your passport needs to be valid for 18 months i.e., after your proposed date of arrival in Malaysia

Application Material To Provided

1. Application Form for Prospective Students. Scholarship Application Form. 

2. Photocopy of valid passport.(Info page & visa pages) 
With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included.

3. Passport photo.
A recent passport-sized photo of the applicant. White background.

4. Medical Examination Form

5. English medium letter from school for IELTS exemption/IELTS results.

6. Certification of no criminal record / Police Clearance.
You can get this documents from your local police office.

7. Income Certificate of Financial Supporter, If applicant below 18years need letter of guardian .

8. Certified/Notarized final A/L Or O/L Results Or Degree or Diploma and School Transcript from Grade 9-12.

9. A short video of self Introduction & personal statement document.

10. Reference/Recommendation letter from school.

11. The score of an English language proficiency test such as IELTs or as point 5.

12. Proof of fee payment (this can either be a valid receipt showing University fees has been lodged to an approved student fee payment service or of the copy of Electronic Transfer of Funds by the applicant to the Malaysian bank of the university or college).

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