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Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN)

Founded in 1960, Peoples’ Friendship University is a public research university located in Moscow, Russia. Professor Vladimir Frantsevich Stanis, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (RF), Doctor of Economics, became the second Rector. It was he who proclaimed the “cult of knowledge” at the University, heading it from 1970 to 1993. In this period, the Peoples’ Friendship University became a major international scientific and educational centre. 

The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. The university has a multiprofile structure of faculties and majors. More than 77,000 graduates of the university work in 170 countries, among them more than 5,500 holders of PhD and Doctorate degrees. Lecturers train specialists in 62 majors and lines of study. More than 29,000 graduate and postgraduate students from 140 countries studying at the university as of 2014. They represent more than 450 nations and nationalities of the world. It has a team of 4,500 employees, among them 2,826 teachers. The university intellectual fund comprises more than 870 author’s invention certificates and 150 patents of the Russian Federation in practically all fields of the university’s scientific research

Due to the quality of training and comparatively low tuition fees RUDN is an attractive study choice among Russian universities for foreigners. The Peoples’ Friendship University University is listed in the medical directory of the World Health Organization. Peoples’ Friendship University is recognized by the ECFMG Of USA, Canada Medical Council, Indian Medical Council, Pakistan Medical, and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine and General Medical Council (limited Registration) of UK

Many foreign and Russian political and public figures, scholars and scientists have become PFUR Emeritus Professors. They include the presidents of Namibia, Angola, Sri Lanka, the South African Republic, Gabon, Guyana and Nigeria; the prime ministers of Bangladesh and Kazakhstan; a UN Chief Executive Officer on Education, Culture and Science; and a Director of CEPES.

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