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Guide On How To Apply To Study In The UK

This page will give you a quick overview of studying in the UK as well as the application journey from pre to post-application.


  • Studying in the UK: An Overview
    • Overview of the United Kingdom
    • Why Study in the UK?
    • Admission requirements to study in the UK
  • Applying to Study for a Master’s Degree in the United Kingdom
    • Frequently requested documents
    • Common mistakes to avoid in your Master’s application
  • Applying to Study a 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in the UK
    • Key entry requirements
    • Entry requirements for Scotland
  • How to submit a complete application
    • What is a complete application?
    • Tips for a complete application
  • Pathway Programs in the UK
    • Pathway programs: an overview
    • Working while taking the pathway courses
    • Benefits of a pathway program
    • Pathway providers
    • Admission requirements
  • Types of Pathway Programs
    • Pre-sessional English
    • Bachelor’s preparation (International Foundation Year)
    • Accelerated Bachelor’s preparation (International Year One)
    • Pre-master’s program

Application (Application Submission to Offer)

  • Stages of Application
    • Mistakes to avoid before submitting your application
    • 5 stages from application to enrollment

Post-Application (From Offer to Tuition and Enrollment)

  • How to ace the UK pre-CAS/credibility interview
    • How to prepare for the interview
    • Typical interview questions
  • Overview of the types of offers of admission
  • 90-60-30 days before you study in the UK

Financial Capability Check(Most Important Before Considering UK)

In the UK almost all programs for International students range from 12,000GBP+ per year for degrees and other qualifications like diploma’s etc can start from around 8,,000/9,000+GBP per year. Besides this we must also have around 12,276GBP+ per year for living costs such as rent, food etc. So total around 24,276GBP required in student or parents bank account statement as show money. If you meet this values you are good to apply but if not we recommend you to first achieve this value as it is a legal requirement and you actually do need this much to spend once you arrive. No the part time job you would be able to do is not going to gurantee you that you can earn this required amount before the time comes to pay for these expenses. Besides this you must also take into consideration that living expenses will eat out a substantial amount of what you would earn from your part time job too. 

If you want to study abroad or know someone who does;

 Please contact our admissions WhatsApp number +94770565616 with the following details of yours when sending Initial message;
High School Results, Degree GPA & Subject Done
Subject Needed And Which Level Bsc, Msc etc?
The max budget parents/you are able to manage for degree tuition fees only In USD per year. Eg:-28,000USD per year etc(According to budget your options will be mentioned)

Please remember to include each and every detail mentioned above when sending 1st message to receive faster response as the admission team gets so many applications per day.

If you are prospecting International applicant then you need to apply directly through the application processing WhatsApp Admission Line by clicking here and substituting your details in the message that is generated on WhatsApp.

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