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How To Prepare For Central Queensland or CQ University Admission Interview For International Students

How To Prepare For Central Queensland or CQ University Admission Interview As An International Students?

Last updated: 01/07/2022

Being Prepared Will Help You A Lot!

What Is GTE?

    The GTE requirement is used to make sure the student visa program is accessed as intended. The student visa program is not a way for international students to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. The GTE requirement helps identify applicants who are using the student visa program for motives other than gaining a quality education. 

All applicants for a Student visa must show they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education. The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement is not intended to exclude students who, after studying in Australia, develop skills Australia needs and who then go on to apply for permanent residence. This is the exact definition of GTE for studies In Australia by the official Immigration Authority the apex government body that handles all visa matters in Australia.

The Common Questions(sample answers are not exact answers, you have to answer yourself);


Most Admission officers want to discuss with a prospective student the reason, why he or she wants to study in Australia & why not in own country.

Most importantly you should remember that the Information you say in your Interview should correspond to your SOP document which you have submitted.

The interviewer may ask a variety of questions and so here are a few questions that are commonly asked that may help you to prepare yourself for the interview:

Could you please introduce yourself?

o Your brief introduction with name and country should be answered.

What is the purpose of your trip?

o The officer may be verifying the information mentioned on the VISA application form so you should tell him the reason as you are planning to pursue further studies from Australia.

What is your qualification?

o One should mention the last qualification that was done and the documents can be produced to verify. (Ex. I am an MBA graduate from ABC university)

Are you working or do you have any work experience?

o Mention if you have any work experience and if no then just say a “no”.

Can you tell me your passport number please?

o Sure , My passport number is *************

Why did you choose Australia for our further studies?

o You need to be very particular about the reasons that have motivated you to study abroad. It can be international exposure, research opportunities, hone your practical skills, learn things from a different and bigger perspective, etc.

o Sample answer: Currently, Australia is the biggest Education hub which is providing the best quality education and various options are available for local as well as international students which is giving a great platform for the students to explore and excel their careers. This country was my choice to form a strong foundation for my upcoming future.

Have you visited Australia before?

o You need to give an appropriate answer with the reason as it may accompany more related questions.

How did you find the university and why you want to get admission in it?

o I performed rigorous research about the university and was very convinced with the programs and courses the university is offering as they were best suitable for the field that I wish to get into. So I consulted the advisor also for this university and got more positive towards it.

Can you tell me about the University?

o You need to have a brief idea about the CQ University.

Where is the University located?

o Say the branch you applied for in application form. The interviewer wants you to tell the location correctly.

Can you please tell me about the course?

o Provide the honest information about the course that you are opting for after going through course details on website.

How much does your course cost?

o You have to mention the exact amount that is been mentioned in the admission letter or confirmation giving document which you have.

There’s accounting courses in your country as well, why did you chose to go that far? Your country should be convenient for you.

o Yeah there are numerous accounting courses offered by the my country universities but one thing they lack is international exposure which is I think very essential for the student like me who wants to become one smart accounting expert.

How will the proposed course help you in your career?

o It is a critical question and you need to be very precise while answering this question. Your proposed course should have relevance with your career plans and it should definitely help you in achieving it. Again check website course page it will mention possible career options.

Does proposed course has link with your previous studies?

o The course you have opted to study should bear relevance with your previous education. If not, then you should have strong reasons for switching your field of study.

How will the proposed course improve your employment prospects?

o You need to tell here whether pursuing this proposed degree improvise your chances of gaining a higher profile or higher salary or any other benefit.

Where did you complete your education before applying in Australia?

o Provide the accurate and correct information about the past education and the university that you have been through.

Could you show me your TOEFL/IELTS results?

o My IELTS Band Score is Reading 7, Writing 7.5, Speaking 6.5, listening 8 bands.

How will you be able to finance your living and other expenses during the course?

o Here you can present the bank statements or loan documents and support your answer for managing the living expenses. Also explain them that your parents are sponsoring your education.

o Telling them that you’ll do a part-time job is a strict NO-NO.  They’ll reject you straight away!

What are your plans after the completing the course in Australia?

o Here, Case Officer wants to know your intentions whether you intend to leave Australia upon completion of studies or not. So, be clear and put up a strong answer that shows your sole purpose of going to Australia is just acquiring education and that you’ll return back to your home country after completing your course.

What will you do during your semester breaks?

o I will give a visit to my home country to meet my family and friends. Again, DON’T talk about part-time jobs.

How did you come to know about the proposed course and institution?

o You need to tell about the research you may have conducted to find the particular course and institution. Tell about your course and its structure, institutional facilities and how they fascinate you. Don’t mentions it is from one of your contacts you may have or any organization that maybe doing your application this can usually lead to further lengthy questions making Interview harder. If they ask specifically did you apply through an organization/agent then if so you can say yes and comment like they are very helpful or they helped with my research for a good university as per your SOP.

Do you know someone in Australia?

o The Case Officer wants to know whether you have any liaisons in Australia and if yes, what kind of people they are and how are you related to them.

Who is sponsoring your finances?

o Here you have to mention the name of the person who is sponsoring your finances and what is the relation that you share and the reason why that person is helping you in your finances.

What does your father do for a living? What is his annual income?

o Here you have to mention the occupation and the income on the yearly basis. By which the annual income tax that he pays will be calculated. This is to double check if what you said earlier on how you are paying for this degree matches out or not.

Could you tell something about your family background?

o The Visa Officer wants to verify the information provided by you in your application. You can tell about people in your immediate family and how healthy relations you have.

These could be some of the questions that can be asked from you by your Australia visa officer in GTE interview. You need to answer all the questions with clarity of mind and your answers should match with the information you have provided in your application as the Case Officer will probably cross check the information or may ask the questions according to the information provided.

Why you should be granted the students VISA?

o Here you have to be confident enough in proving yourself the suitable candidate. ( I didn’t have any gaps in the previous curriculum and the certificates in various events also shows that I am a genuine student and capable for the VISA)

What is your course commencement and completion date?

o You have to mention the starting date of the course and the ending date of your course.

How can you ensure you will return back to your home country after completion of the course?

o The reason for taking the VISA is to get the quality education from Australia and definitely will be serving my country by the knowledge gained from the here, moreover I have responsibilities towards my family as they are also the priorities. So I have to come back to look after them as I am the only child in the family.

Are you aware about the refund policy? Please Explain.(Check CQ University Website)

o International students who cancel their admission to a program of study before the semester commencement will be charged the fee equivalent to a single subject fee.

o These penalties are waived where a student cancels due to serious illness or personal problems after investigated by the DVC.

o If the VISA gets rejected then the full fees will be refunded after the proof of it is submitted to the admission office.

Do you know about OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) and why is it necessary for every student to take that?

o Yes, it is Overseas Student Health Cover which is an Insurance for the student in case they fell sick or injured during the tenure of the course.

What if your VISA gets rejected?

o I will start working hard again and will make sure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again apply for the VISA process.

How many siblings do you have? Do they live with you? What do they do?

o Here mention the family details and appropriate details.

Have any of your siblings studied at this university?

o Give an appropriate answer.

Why do you think the university is giving scholarship to you?

o I applied for the scholarship and referring to my past academic records and scores they found me a suitable candidate to achieve this scholarship as it will definitely help me out in my finances.

How do you prove yourself as a genuine student?

o Sample Answer:

 I never had gaps in my studies. I was always serious towards my studies. The transcripts and certificates from school till university shows that I am a genuine student. I have applied to the best Universities in Australia because I want the best of education and practical experience along with international exposure….


                                          Helpful Must Watch Video Guide For CQ University Interview

  1.  In this video guide you will find the questions which are of highest importance and a clear teaching of how to find the correct answers from the CQ University Website and prepare yourself for the Interview. To watch the video you may click here



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