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Guide On How To Easily Correct, Proof Read & Do Plagarisim Check For Your Writing

We recommend using the below writing editing software. The application has a lot of features that are tailored to help you to rewrite sentences, edit large amount of write-ups and also to correct grammar and sentence structures.

It is a very good tool for content writers and students who are working on dissertations, stud plan’s, thesis or plagarisim checking.

The application has a free tool that you can use to edit a few pages and correct minor errors but you will need to upgrade to a premium if you want to enjoy all the benefits that it offers.

Link to the tool;

If you want to study abroad or know someone who does;

 Please contact our admissions WhatsApp number +94770565616 with the following details of yours when sending Initial message;
High School Results, Degree GPA & Subject Done
Subject Needed And Which Level Bsc, Msc etc?
The max budget parents/you are able to manage for degree tuition fees only In USD per year. Eg:-28,000USD per year etc(According to budget your options will be mentioned)

Please remember to include each and every detail mentioned above when sending 1st message to receive faster response as the admission team gets so many applications per day.

If you are prospecting International applicant then you need to apply directly through the application processing WhatsApp Admission Line by clicking here and substituting your details in the message that is generated on WhatsApp.

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