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Gomel State Medical University Belarus
(Both Medical & Normal University)

Founded in 1990, Gomel State Medical University is a university in Gomel, Belarus. It specializes in medicine and diagnostics. The University was founded as per resolution of the Council of Ministers and Order of the Minister of Health of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is the newest of four medical universities in Belarus.

The main campus of Gomel State Medical University is located in downtown Gomel, with 18 adjacent clinical sites spread across the city. Faculty includes 276 members with more than one-third holding MD/PhD degree.

Education at Gomel State Medical University includes five to six-year programs in basic and clinical medical science. Upon admission to University students enter one of four different schools (faculties): General Medicine, Medical Diagnostics, Education for Foreign Students or the Faculty of Pre-University Training – a one-year program which provides the full-time undergraduate course for admission to University.

Graduates of the University obtain M.D. degree and are required to complete a minimum of a one-year internship in order to practice clinical medicine. Education of foreign students at Gomel State Medical University started in 2003.

Gomel State Medical University (GSMU) is approved by SLMC, AMC (Australia), GMC (UK) and ECFMG (USA). GRSMU provides the facility for students to be active in hospital rounds from the 2nd of year studies. Academic excellence to well-equipped experimental and clinical facilities using actual human cadavers with extensive clinical training in State Hospitals at GSMU produces elite knowledge for the MD degree program. Clinical work is an integral part of University life. Undoubtedly, the work of clinicians largely determines the success of the Gomel region, which for several years has been considered one of the best in the country.

As a State owned university (Government) GSMU’s level of education, facilities provided for clinical exposure, leaps of advancing both pre-clinical and clinical studies is incomparable to any other state university considering the cost of education.


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