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Get New Daraz Coupon Codes For December Limited Time Promotion

Steps to follow;

1. Click green continue button at end of this page.

2. Complete easy human verification question

3. Complete sharing activity as per instructions

4. Click button that says "Go To Coupon Issuing Page"

5. In next page simply keep pressing "Click here to continue" button(It will open new tabs just close them and go to orginal page and keep clicking button) and once move forward after get to 2nd page wait for a while for the recaptcha verification to load and then do it and then click "continue" button not the "Click here to continue" button (again it will open new tabs just close them and go to orginal page and keep clicking button) and then it will say wait 10 secs and then click "get link" green button(then also again it may open another page close that and go to orginal page). Then the page link will come. If you find this complex ask a person that install games or plays game to help you since this they have experience doing correctly in same way.

6. Arrive at generated coupons page and claim your reward! (The coupons are usually at top of page and if you scroll further down in the page also you will find them, the faster people claim coupons some of them may no longer display after depleted.)

7. If your coupon doesn't show up after claim please reachout to official support

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Get Working Promotional Daraz Coupons
Till Today

Users have taken advantage of these coupons.

What you will get going forward from here;
You will be required to share this promotion with friend's on WhatsApp because sharing is caring and once done it will generate you link to click.

Which will generate the coupons(50% off site wide no minimum spend, 30% off minimum spend 150rs, 500rs off coupon minimum spend 9999rs, 300rs shipping voucher, 1000rs off, 2000rs off, 2500rs off, 3500rs off, 5000rs off, 7500rs off, 10000rs off upto maximum 25000rs off each with a minimum spend requirement and other coupons you can use) inside daraz as your reward for being a nice human and sharing with your friends

Kindly Validate Your Human to proceed to the next step.
Note! The Number Of Vistors to the site is limited to prevent overload.

Please Wait ...

Are You Human? :

What are you?

Please make sure you type correctly as Yes I am !

Please wait a moment...

Thank you for confirming.


1. Share it with groups or 15 friends on WhatsApp (Click on the "SHARE" icon below).

2. You will be redirected automatically to your "coupons" page after the GREEN verification bar is filled.(It will only fill if you share multiple times as said above)



Your Sharing Has Been Successful. Click button below to access the page.

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Kavya Pathiraja I could't believe this information can be real until i went ahead and gave it a try since it didn't cost me nothing to try and geuss what I actually got the coupons as promised when I finish sharing and clicked link which made it possible to collect coupons inside daraz. Thank you for making it cheaper for me to buy stuff I like!!
1m · Like · Reply
Fifa Pasindu Thought it was not real but because many had said here it worked I decided to try it and I got the coupons too, so I can confirm this is legit and worth the time.
2m · Like · Reply
Nikhila Rajapaksha Thankfully I found this when I search Google for Daraz coupons and the link I got after completing all steps did give me working coupons.
1m · Like · Reply
Nimesha Atukorale ❤ Thank you for the coupons this worked for me too.
4m · Like · Reply

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