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The Malaysian government is committed to making the country a hub for world-class education and welcomes foreign students who want to pursue courses and study in Malaysia.

The government has made it convenient for foreigners with the genuine intention of studying in Malaysian Universities to obtain a student pass and visa, a requirement by the country’s Immigration Department.

From the 1st February 2013 foreign students who wish to apply to a private institution of higher education must apply to study in Malaysia through Education Malaysia Global Services. This One Stop Application process allows the student to search and apply for multiple courses at multiple institutions all at the same time. Foreign Students must only study at courses and institutions that are accredited and licensed – Education Malaysia only lists courses that meet these requirements – this takes some of the burden from the student.

12 Easy Steps for a Foreign Student to get admission and Student Pass in Malaysia

  1. Select the courses and institutions of your choice
  2. Apply for the selected course(s) either through EMGS or directly to the institutions
  3. Receive offer letter(s) from institution(s)
  4. Accept the offer letter and confirms admission with the education institution
  5. Provide documents and fees to institution including RM1000 as the visa processing fee and RM250 for medical screening along with immigration and insurance fees
  6. Your institution applies to EMGS on your behalf
  7. Visa Approval Letter sent within 14 working days of a complete application with payment
  8. Approach Malaysian Mission in their home country to obtain entry visa
  9. Make your travel arrangements and inform the institution of your arrival details
  10. Upon arrival meet the institution and provide passport to them
  11. Attend Medical Screening within 7 working days
  12. Receives Student Pass endorsement within Passport and Medical Insurance Cover

Student Pass Eligibility for international students interested to study in Malaysia

Conditions to be fulfilled by student

A foreign student needs to meet the following criteria to get Student Pass to remain in Malaysia as a full-time student:

  • Be accepted for a full-time course of study at a private higher education institution
  • Have the financial capability to pay the course fees and other expenses related to living in Malaysia
  • Be in good health and of sound character
  • Wants to visit Malaysia for education purposes only

Student Pass Application Process

All Student Pass applications are processed through EMGS. Once the education institution approves the student’s application they can apply for the Student Pass. The Student must supply the Institution with the following information:

  • Offer letter from Institution
  • 2 passport size photograph with white or blue background (3.5cm x 5cm)
  • 2 copies of ALL pages of passport certified in accordance with requirements
  • The passport must be valid for at least 12 months from the expected date of entry.
  • Academic and other certificates certified as a true copy by the institution issuing the document or a commissioner of oaths, notary public or lawyer
  • Personal Bond Payment (held by the Institution)
  • Payment for the following:
    • EMGS Visa Processing Fee RM1,000
    • Medical screening fee RM250
    • Immigration Fees e.g. Student Pass and multiple entry visa fee
    • Medical Insurance Premium

Upon entry into Malaysia

  • Original passport to be submitted to Institution on arrival
  • Attend medical screening within 7 working days from the date of entry
  • EMGS or your institution will obtain the endorsement of the Pass for you once you have completed the Medical Screening.

Student Pass Renewal for International students

Renewal of Student Pass

The student pass is usually issued on yearly basis and is renewable until your course is completed. EMGS will help you to get your student pass renewed each year.

  • You have to submit your passport to the Institution in time for an application to be made no less than 6 weeks before the expiry date of your Student Pass. If you fail to do so, you may be fined or imprisoned for overstaying by the Malaysian Immigration Department.
  • You will have to undergo a Medical Screening for each year of renewal.
  • In addition you must have an 80% attendance report for the duration of the current student pass validity period
  • Academic results that are at least CGPA2.0 for the duration of the current student pass validity period.
  • If you fail to meet either of these requirements the institution must issue a letter of support on your behalf.
  • A processing fee of RM140 is payable along with fees for Medical Screening, Insurance Renewal and Immigration.

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