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Donetsk National Medical University Ukraine

Founded in 1930, Donetsk National Medical University is one of the largest medical universities in Ukraine and the former USSR. The university is considered one of the best medical schools in Ukraine. Donetsk National Medical University was recognized as the best medical university in Ukraine in 2011. DNMU was ranked as the first among Ukrainian medical universities constantly since 2001 till 2016 according to the rating of the Ministry of Healthcare and Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Due to the quality of training and comparatively low tuition fees DNMU is an attractive study choice among Ukrainian medical universities for foreigners. The Donetsk National Medical University is listed in the medical directory of the World Health Organization. Donetsk National Medical University (DNMU) is recognized by the ECFMG Of USA, Canada Medical Council, Indian Medical Council, Pakistan Medical, and Dental Council, European Council of Medicine and General Medical Council (limited Registration) of UK

Approximately 15200 students study at the eight faculties of Donetsk National Medical University from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, USA, the UK, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel, Turkey, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Peru, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Kenya, Namibia, Zambia, Somalia, Lebanon, Bahrain and other countries.

So far, the university has granted 65,000 degrees, to doctors, well-known scientists, researchers, health care providers from Ukraine, Russia, other ex-Soviet republics and 89 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

At the Donetsk National Medical University there are eight faculties including a preparatory faculty for foreign students. The Donetsk National Medical University trains specialists along the following education or qualification levels as junior specialists, specialists, or Masters for the following specialties:

Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Public Health, Post-Graduate Education & Preparatory Department

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