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Dalian University China
(Both Medical & Normal University)

Founded in 1947, with former name of Kanto Medical School, Dalian Medical University was incorporated into Dalian University in 1949 and named Medical School of Dalian University. It was separated from Dalian University in 1950 and named Dalian Medical School. In 1969, it was immigrated to Zunyi, Guizhou Province and called Zunyi Medical School. While Dalian Medical School was reestablished in the original address in 1978 and renamed as Dalian Medical University in 1994. Now it has been a medical university with main feature of medicine education and comprehensive development of several subjects including science, engineering, management, art, law and philosophy, etc.

Now it has 1 national key discipline, 15 provincial key disciplines; 4 Liaoning provincial university first-class characteristic disciplines; 4 first level discipline doctorate degree authorization units, 9 first level discipline master’s degree authorization units; 4 centers for post-doctoral studies; 1 innovation team of the Ministry of Education, 9 innovation teams of Liaoning institutes of higher education; 7 national key clinical specialties and 23 undergraduate majors. Clinical medicine of our school has been ranked top 1% of ESI global institutional rankings for 5 years since 2012.

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