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CLTC Higher Education Study In China Global Scholarship

The CLTC Higher Education Study In China Global Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is open to international students who wish to study in China. The scholarship covers up to 60% or 100% of the tuition fees for entire duration of full-time undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at a participating Chinese university.

Besides this the highly talented applicants will also be recommended directly by CLTC Higher Education to the provincial governments of China once they have been selected, to a scholarship worth 20,000RMB which would usually be enough for tuition fees+rent per year which would effectively make it almost free. Continuity of scholarship will be based on annual evaluation of academic performance.

CLTC Higher Education and it’s universities worldwide has a long history of providing quality education services to students from all over the world, and they are committed to helping students achieve their academic goals. The CLTC Higher Education Study In China Global Scholarship is a valuable opportunity for international students who want to study in China. The scholarship provides financial assistance that can help students cover the cost of their education, and it also gives students the opportunity to study at China’s top universities.

English Taught Majors this scholarship supports;


Civil Engineering

Digital Media Art

Chinese Language

Veterinary Medicine

Urban & Rural Planning

Wood Science and Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

International Economics and Trade

Cross-Border Electronic Commerce

Electronic and Information Engineering

Machine Designing & Manufacturing & Automation

The normal cost for degree fee without scholarship is 2786USD per year.  

For upto 50 students we will provide a 60% or 100% off degree fee scholarship for your first year tuition fee making your tuition only 1116USD or Free. And from 2nd year onwards you can continue to have a 50% off degree fee scholarship or if selected government scholarship then 100% off till you graduate . Besides degree fee your other cost for food+rent for entire year will be around 1800-2284USD.

So that means for students who don’t qualify for our scholarship it will be 5070USD as total for rent+tuition+food per year.
Eligibility Criteria;

Be a high school graduate or equivalent

Be a citizen of a country other than China

Ability to afford at least 3956USD per year after scholarship or if won government scholarship around 1800-2284USD.

For students who don’t meet financial requirements yet to apply for this scholarship the best advice we have is while at your home country do an online or offline job and start earning money with target to earn upto the required tuition fee, accomodation fees etc of your degree.


We recommend to follow above starter guide so you can start to get required finances ready along with your parents support. 

To apply for this scholarship remember to select Other University under the Choose Your University field in the application form since once application is submitted you will be offered admission and scholarship into one of our universities based on your qualification and space availability. Initially it will cost 87-90USD fee which varies as per exchange rate, this would be the Initial admission/scholarship processing fee and is non refundable but no need worry since as described in process flow below only if you qualify will you be invited to complete payment and start process. Besides this cost there will be university application fee where this fee most of times we might be able to waive off for you but it depends this fees is also non refundable.


What is process flow?


1.Read through to check if you meet eligibility criteria and if scholarship covers your Interested major


2.Fill in the application form below & submit(Don’t send applications for this scholarship by email/whatsapp). Our team will review your application & reachout if you qualify


3.If qualified only you will be asked to pay the initial fee of 87-90USD or 29000LKR whichever is higher to begin process


4.Share reciept to us on WhatsApp, our accounts team will share official invoice to you


5.We guide you what documents needed and how to prepare for admission process


6.You submit all adviced materials to us, we check and correct any errors


7.We grant you the scholarship & admission


8.Each scholarship application gets results at different times so we will update you when your result comes out, don’t keep on asking when results coming after applied we will only update you once there is an update till then you must wait patiently


9.Once you are selected and get the admission/offer letter you need to pay usually the remaining fees, this fee might be different as per scholarship you applied, your home country, difficulty in process etc. But no need worry much since at start of process we would have informed you exactly how much it is.


10.After 2nd payment reciept sent we continue remaining processes to confirm your scholarship and then go onto visa & departure process.


11.If we have an office in your country then if you can you will be asked to visit office to double check all your documents prepared so far and advice on what you need prepare to take before fly abroad, if no office in your country we will advice and process you online in same manner.


12.We help book flight ticket for you and you fly to China and start studies!

Sponsor Future Grants

Earlier no external donations were accepted thus finally now it is possible to donate to help us support more students who need grants for tertiary education In other destination countries too. For larger donations you may write to us on WhatsApp. CSO, Funds, Trusts & NGOs can get official reciepts too.

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