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Australia's Election Year Advantage: Bridge Australia's Tech Gap with a Cutting-Edge Degree in Computer Science From China

Australia is facing a significant tech talent shortage, with a projected shortfall of hundreds of thousands of skilled professionals by 2030. Politicians say this skills gap presents a major challenge to the nation’s economic competitiveness and innovation potential. However, for ambitious Australians seeking high-growth career opportunities, this challenge can also be seen as an opportunity. By obtaining a cutting-edge degree in computer science from a top Chinese university, you can position yourself at the forefront of the tech revolution and secure a rewarding career in an in-demand field.

Why China?

China is a global leader in computer science and development. The country boasts world-class universities offering advanced programs in these fields, taught by leading academics and industry experts. Additionally, China’s tech sector is experiencing explosive growth, creating a wealth of job opportunities for graduates with the right skills.

Benefits of a Degree From China

  • Cutting-edge Curriculum: Chinese universities are at the forefront of IT, and their programs reflect this. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the latest advancements and practical skills in areas like software engineering, machine learning, deep learning, data security, and network defense.
  • Industry Connections: Many Chinese universities have strong partnerships with leading tech companies, providing students with valuable internship and job placement opportunities.

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  • Global Exposure: Studying in China will broaden your horizons and immerse you in a dynamic and innovative culture. You’ll develop valuable intercultural communication skills that will be highly sought-after by employers in today’s globalized world.
  • Affordability: Compared to universities in other developed countries, tuition fees for Chinese universities can be significantly lower. Additionally, there are a number of scholarship opportunities available for international students.

Cost Comparison: Bsc Computer Science in Australia vs China (for Australians)

Factors to Consider:

  • Tuition Fees:
    • Australia: Public universities can range from A$20,000 to A$40,000 per year, while private universities can be even higher.
    • China: Public universities for international students typically range from ¥10,000 to ¥30,000 per semester (approx. A$2,100 – A$6,300).
  • Living Expenses:
    • Australia: Major cities like Sydney and Melbourne can be quite expensive. Expect housing costs (A$200-A$500 per week), groceries (A$100-A$200 per week), and transportation (A$50-A$100 per week).
    • China: Living costs in major cities like Beijing and Shanghai are rising but generally lower than Australia. Housing could be A$100-A$300 per week, groceries A$50-A$100 per week, and transportation A$20-A$50 per week. Costs are lower in smaller cities.
  • Flights: Budget around A$1,500-A$3,000 for round trip flights between Australia and China.
  • Student Visa: Costs for Australian student visas in China can range from A$100 to A$600 depending on processing times and additional services.
  • Health Insurance: Mandatory health insurance is required for international students in both countries. Costs vary but expect A$30-A$50 per month in Australia and A$10-A$20 per month in China.

Estimated Breakdown (Annual):


  • Tuition Fees (Public University): A$20,000 – A$40,000
  • Living Expenses: A$15,600 – A$31,200 (based on major city costs)
  • Flights: A$1,500 – A$3,000
  • Visa: A$100 – A$600
  • Health Insurance: A$360 – A$600
  • Total: A$37,160 – A$75,400


  • Tuition Fees: A$4,200 – A$12,600
  • Living Expenses: A$7,800 – A$15,600 (based on major city costs)
  • Flights: A$1,500 – A$3,000
  • Visa: A$100 – A$600
  • Health Insurance: A$120 – A$240
  • Total: A$13,720 – A$32,040
For those nay sayer who would come up with some random excuse like but that degree probably won’t be that valued here by companies. Let’s look at the actual real life data than your imagined up probabilities;
 Migration Program Outcome – Further Information Source countries The largest source citizenship countries of migrants in 2021-22 were:
China with 18,240 places  
 2021 – 22 Migration Program Report  
Migration Program Outcome: Employer Sponsored Category – by Occupation Outcome        
So as you can see people who hold Bsc degrees from China have applied to Australia through proper government migration pathway and employers have sponsored them for job which means degrees from China are just as recognised as those from Australia. If we check the data above we notice out of the 18,240 people who hold degrees from China which sucessfully migrated to Australia around 2077 people had applied and secured Tech sector jobs. So if these people without even being born in Australia can secure jobs with a degree from China why the hell can’t you??
Yes you, the fellow who is still doubting the above data here is the official link to cross check the data(page 41) and bury your doubts and start taking action;

CLTC Higher Education: Your Gateway to a Tech degree in China

CLTC Higher Education ( is a leading provider of admission services for Australians seeking to study in China. Their experienced team will guide you through the entire admission process, from selecting the right program to offering scholarships and visa application guidance.

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  • Q: Is China a good place to study?
    • A: Yes, China is a global leader. Chinese universities offer advanced programs taught by leading experts, and the country’s booming tech sector provides ample job opportunities.
  • Q: What are the benefits of studying in China?
    • A: Benefits include a cutting-edge curriculum, industry connections, global exposure, and affordability compared to universities in other developed countries.
  • Q: How can CLTC Higher Education help me study China?
    • A: CLTC Higher Education can process your admission, from selecting a program to securing scholarships and visas.

Real-Life Example

David, a recent high school graduate from Melbourne, was concerned about finding a job in the Australian tech sector due to the skills gap. He decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Computer science at a leading university in China with the help of CLTC Higher Education. David’s program provided him with the latest advancements, and he was able to secure a well-paying job at a major tech company in China upon graduation.


A degree in IT can be a strategic investment in your future. With the skills and experience you gain, you can position yourself for a successful career in a high-growth field and contribute to Australia’s tech sector upon your return. If you’re an ambitious Australian looking to bridge the tech gap and make a difference, consider studying in China.

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