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Australia New Visa Law Changes To Halve The Number Of Migrations In Over 2 Years

Australia is implementing stricter student visa regulations to address a surge in migration. The new measures, effective March 23, 2024, aim to ensure international students prioritize pursuing genuine academic qualifications, not simply working in the country.

Key Changes to Australia’s Student Visa System:

  • Genuine Student Test: This evaluation will assess a student’s true intentions for studying in Australia.
  • No Further Stay Clause: This restricts students from applying for permanent residency based solely on their student visa.
  • Limited Work Options: The government will limit the work hours international students can undertake.
  • Increased English Language Requirements: Australia will raise the English language proficiency required for student and graduate visa applications.
  • Education Provider Scrutiny: Institutions with a history of visa regulation violations risk suspension from enrolling international students.
  • Unrestricted Working Hour Revocation: The previous policy allowing unlimited work hours for international students is revoked.

These stricter regulations follow the reversal of relaxed student visa rules implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Record Migration Levels Prompt Action:

Australian Bureau of Statistics data reveals a significant rise in net immigration, surging 60% to a record 548,800 in the year ending September 2023 ( This influx, largely driven by students from India, China, and the Philippines, has created challenges. While it eased pressure on wages, it worsened the housing situation, causing record-low rental vacancies and soaring construction costs.


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The Australian government aims to strike a balance between attracting international students and managing migration levels. The new student visa rules are intended to ensure those coming to Australia prioritize educational pursuits while contributing positively to the economy.

This article is for informational purposes only. Not all details pertaining to the new student visa regulations may be included. For the latest updates and official information, consult the Australian government’s official website (

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