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All About IELTs & Other English Exams For International Students

All About IELTs & Other English Exams For International Students

Last updated: 30/06/2022

International English Language Testing System

(IELTS) Information


The Basics


The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s leading English Language proficiency test.



Exam structure


4 sections

40 minutes.

The recordings are played for 30 minutes, and 10 minutes are given to transfer the answers.


3 passages

40 questions

60 minutes


2 sections

Task 1 – 150 words

Task 2 – 250 words

In the academic test, the tasks are the description and argumentative essays.

In the general test, letter writing and argumentative essays.


3 parts

15 minutes


Part 1- Introduction

Part 2- prepare and talk about a topic for 2 minutes.

Part 3- Discussing questions.


Helpful tips

  1. In the listening section, read the questions carefully before the recording starts. Underline the keywords and write answers on the question sheet while listening. Pay particular attention to the word limit, grammar and spelling. The listening questions include form completion, map filling, and MCQs.

  2. In the reading section, you need to practice skimming and scanning texts. Since there are 14 different kinds of questions that can be there in the reading section, it is very crucial to manage time effectively. To improve performance in the reading test, try to practice reading texts of different kinds and improve your reading speed.


  3. In the writing section, analyze the questions carefully and address all the points in the answers. Adhere to the word limit, you may exceed it slightly, but never write less than the required number of words. Make sure that you write formally and avoid short forms, bullet points, spelling mistakes, and syntactical errors.


  4. In the speaking section, be confident and try to listen carefully before answering. You may ask the examiner to repeat the question if you are confused. Do not answer in one word or a short sentence. Try to elaborate your responses in at least two sentences. Prepare for this section by reviewing vocabulary about work, school, family, hobbies, weather, etc.



Getting your result


Your result will be available within:

  • 5-7 days for the computer delivered IELTS.
  • 13 days for the paper based IELTS



You can collect your test result Form from the test center or have it mailed to you directly, depending on what you specified when you registered for the test. For academic purposes, the test result is valid for 2 years only.



         When Should You Apply For IELTs/PTE/TOEFL etc English Exams?

Students should know that IELTs exams are held 2 or 3 every month depending on your country. While exams like PTE & others have more flexible times to sit exam or availability to book exam at any date.

We have come to know many students wait to do English exam and then come to make application with the us, where most of time students mentioned they are afraid if they don’t pass the English exam.

The correct way we recommend students to do English exam is as follows;

1.Make application with us first and mention your present English proof such as English medium taught in school or English done as subject in Alevels/WASSCE/12th etc. As your application is in progress you will be able to do English exam and submit the scores once received. (Why apply to us 1st? Because number of seats per batch is limited so if you wait till English exam scores come the seats may already be full. Also time taken to process application is long so you need to start as early as possible.)

2.What if you fail English exam? Depending on exam done you will be able to sit for next round which would be in less than 20-30days. Simply re-sit exam with better preparation.

3.What if fail English exam many time and miss application deadline? No need to worry in this case you have to inform us regarding situation and then sometimes if you are ok we maybe able to offer you English program to do at destination country which will cost you extra but then you may not need redo English exams again since you are visiting to improve English via program. Or incase you don’t like that option then we can defer your offer to the next intake and by then you can complete English exam. 

International applicants need to apply directly through the application processing Whatsapp Admission Line here.

Apply Now

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