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When Is Commission Paid ?

Commission is paid once your referred student has completed registration process with us and begun their admission process. (This will be the case for students applying to some Asian/European destinations, otherwise commission will be paid once student has successfully begun studies at the university inside the destination country).

What Is Commission Structure ?

New Agents/Study Counsellors
Recruit less than 10 students in total: $25 per successful student admitted
Recruit less than 20 students in total: $40 per successful student admitted
Recruit less than 50 students in total: $75 per successful student admitted
Recruit less than 80 students in total: $100 per successful student admitted

Senior Agents/Study Counsellors who have already established themselves  can show track record and upon assessment we will give approval to collect a separate fee for yourself from your student as well as receive commissions as above.

Training Guide

The Process Is As Follows Please Memorize It & Read It All & then do step by step;

1.  Now that you have successfully activated and got approved your account it is time to start referring students. You will find pre made ads you can use to market to students under creatives tab. Click view button under “All Creatives Continuous Live Updating Folder” and then type link provided in browser and click enter to access.

2. To get started you can first go through the following links to understand the universities that are available which students can go to study at in any level such as certificate, diploma, bsc, msc or phd;

All Country Universities For All Country Applicants

3. After familiarizing a bit with the available options now you can start to find students(using free methods like posting on your whatsapp/Insta/FB stories or as post and sharing as posts on social media groups, etc) and ask them which country they would like to study or which university they like to study and find out their A/L,WAEC, 12th standard, Fsc, Hsc results and the yearly budget they can manage for tuition fees in USD.  You can use this pre made questions to clarify student details by simply copy pasting also found here

After that you can send this information to +94770565616 to get possible study options matching their criteria. After sending the possible options we send you, back to student ask them “Can you manage above expenses?” Once they respond ask them “Do you want to start the application process now?” If they mention a date or time they want to start at and not now then send student details and date they mentioned to +94770565616 or if they said yes then you can ask them if they would like to fill in the pdf form using edit function or fill in the online form which will be sent to their email. If they say want to fill online form then send this “Please send email address to receive application form to be filled online” and once they send email send it to us as a WhatsApp message asking for online form so then we send them to their email to fill and send you reply to send them or if they ask for pdf form to fill then send this form to fill direct in pdf;

4. Send them following instructions on how to fill in pdf direct;

You can fill it online and send us too no need to print and scan

Please watch this video the steps should be similiar using the fill and sign tool option, no need to convert into word and fill u can fill direct in pdf.

5. If applicant says unable to fill in pdf ask them to type all requested information one by one to you by whatsapp message or go for online form option. After receiving the pdf completed or info on whatsapp. After that now ask student to send a google drive link with their A-Level Certificate/Predicted Results, O-Level Certificate, High School Leaving Certificate, Passport, Birth certificate, Emergency Contact Name, Emergency Contact Mobile, Emergency Contact Email and Dates of begin schooling and left school documents uploaded to it with the link having sharing option enabled as anyone one with link can access. If student have no idea then ask them to forward documents via whatsapp and then you can forward to our number.

6. Now you can login to your account and then click on affiliate links tab and then copy your affiliate link and paste after open in a new tab in your browser and then complete the form that open’s with information of student you are referring. 

7. After done we will go through submission and inform you next steps through whatsapp or email. Usually if all is in order then you can inform student to now contact the application processing whatsapp number +94770565616 where they will be asked for any other supplementary documents needed to start admission work.

8. Depending on destination they have applied for, you will be paid commission either after they land in university and complete the semester of study, or once begun studies or in some cases once they have completed registration with us. Now that you have full idea of process, if student asks who you are then you can identify yourself to student as an Agent/Counsellor of CLTC Higher Education. You cannot collect any fees/money on behalf of our Institution name or other linked partners from student unless prior permission obtained or a certain arrangement is reached in writing. Remember your relationship with us is of a 3rd party contractor thus you are liable for your own financial obligations under your countries applicable laws.

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